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Sun Salutation Chant

The sun salutation sequence is a simple, flowing circuit of ailment specific stretches which is completed in one fluid motion that takes less than a minute.

The sound OM in this sequence is used liberally in praise of the sun:

om hram, mitraya namaha (salutations to the friend of all);

om hrim, ravaye namaha (salutations to the shining one);

om hroom, suryaya namaha (salutations to he who induces activity);

om hraim, bhanave namaha (salutations to he who illuminates);

om hraum, khagaya namaha (salutations to he who glides through the sky);

om hraha, pushne namaha (salutations to the giver of strength and nourishment);

om hram, hiranya garbhaya namaha (salutations to the golden cosmic self);

om hrim, marichya namaha (salutations to the rays of the sun);

om hroom, adityaya namaha (salutations to the son of Aditi, cosmic mother);

om hraim, savitre namaha (salutations to the life stimulating power);

om hraum, arkaya namaha (salutations to he who is fit to be praised);

om hraha, bhaskaraya namaha (salutations to he who leads to enlightenment).

If for no other purpose, this is an effective silent chant that helps achieve consistency in our hold times during posture practice. For a higher spiritual understanding, these word meanings may help greatly.

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