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Life is a M.O.P.

# 57 - Life is a M.O.P. (Matter of Perspective)

According to one of my favorite yoga teachers in New York, yoga helps us discover our feminine side, although the way it is packaged in the Western world makes us feel that yoga is for women only. Truth is, yoga practice not only helps us re-discover our refined (and therefore more gentle/ feminine) side, it also explores our inner potential to its greatest depths.

My local grocer had a very honest response about why he did not practice (or acknowledge practicing) yoga, despite being wholly aware of its multi-faceted benefits. "People will think I’m gay…" he replied ruefully. Little did he know that the opposite was probably true, or that yoga could help him face his worst fears with a winning smile.

Must we fear our gentler side so much that we leave our unexplored potential untapped to the very end? Is it not more relevant to leave this form with fewer regrets? More importantly, does it really matter what people think if the upside is better health?

Life is a M.O.P. - so let's clean it up before it cleans us out.

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