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Taping/Airing Schedule

 Yogaxpress Taping and Airing Dates

(Moving on to Vedic Nutrition Program (taping times/ locations TBC)

Ayurveda suggests "we are not what we eat; we are what we digest".  This explains


why most diet fads do not work ... they do not address constitution-based eating.

I confess - when I eat right, I am at my peak.  Because a healthy gut is a happy gut. 


My name is Banu Suresh.  I am a yoga teacher, wellness counselor, independent


producer and tv host with public access television in New York City since 2009.

After 700 episodes of simple safe stretching via yogaxpress (,


a movement-based wellness series on Manhattan Neighborhood Network,  I believe


it is time to explore the food component of a lesser known sister science – ayurveda. 

In our televised series, talented chefs will showcase signature dishes, using mostly 


locally available plants, dairy, and spices that boost immunity and peak vitality. 

Production expenses include renting of kitchen space, incentivizing chef talent,


buying essential tools and ingredients, hiring camera crew, developing a website,


post-production editing, digital marketing, and a host of other filming aspects.


Effective next Spring, we hope to focus on inner wellness (i.e. AYURVEDIC NUTRITION). 


Tapings will be held on location, and filming dates/ venues will be announced via 


our Home Page/ Tapings tab.  Participation as guest chef will be by invitation only.

We will film the first episode in my modest home kitchen pro-bono, but in order to


complete this unique series on vedic cooking, I must compensate my team fairly.

If you wish to be part of this nutrition wellness movement, help make our vision a


reality.  Contact to find out how you can support us.  

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