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Gym Workouts

Gym vs Yoga

Yoga Counter Stretches

Together, they form an unbeatable, wholesome work-out.



1.  Is program paced                               


2.  Strengthens muscles                           


3.  Heats the body                                   


4.  Builds strength                                   


5.  Uses thoracic breathing                        ​


6.  Requires greater inhale                        


7.  Involves additional weights                  


8.  Radiates external appeal                       ​


9.  Expends energy                                  


10. Enhances physical fitness                     


11. Generates adrenalin rush                      


12. Tires the physical body      ​


1.  is self-paced


2.  stretches tendons


3.  cools the system


4.  builds stamina


5.  uses abdominal breath


6.  encourages deeper exhale


7.  uses body weight/ gravity


8.  radiates inner glow


9.  conserves energy


10. heightens mental alertness


11. raises endorphin levels


12. enhances mental alertness


Yoga Counter Stretches for Basic Gym Moves

Compacting of major muscles at the gym is typically followed by various counter stretches, so

that the body experiences a sense of balance. Below are simple stretches for basic gym moves:

YOGA STRETCHES                                    FOR                                   GYM MOVES

Yoga Stretches for Gym Moves

Yoga Stretches for Gym Moves (Pix)


hasta uttana (standing) / bhujanga (prone)




supta parivritta




parsva kona namaskara


uthita pada (standing) / janu sirsa (seated)


pada hasta / paschimothana / bala gopala




supta vajra


kati chakra (standing) / hala (supine)




baddha kona

abdominal crunch

chest press

dead lift

dumb bells

latt pull (upper body)

leg curl (single)

leg curl (double)

leg extension (single)

leg extension (double)

low back extension

triceps press down

wide squat

Ab Crunch

Dumb Bell Side Lift

Leg Curl Double

Low Back Extension

Chest Press

Dead Lift

Latt Pull

Leg Curl Single

Leg Extension Single

Leg Extension Double

Triceps Press Down

Wide Squat

 Photos Courtesy: MAZDIN MOHD, Personal Trainer, Singapore (

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