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Yoga Myths

Yoga Myths

Myth 1: Yoga is a cult, with severe rituals -

Reply: A cult is ritualistic, with leaders. Yoga has no rituals, only discipline; no leaders, only


masters. With professional guidance, chanting too is practiced for physical healing.


Myth 2: Yoga is for women only -

Reply: Many better-known contemporary yoga masters are actually men...satyananda,


sivananda, vivekananda, iyengar, pattabhi jois, krishnamachari, desikacharya...


Myth 3: Yoga involves giving up eating meat -

Reply: Although the protein in meat fibers has been shown to improve muscular strength,


vegetarian diet with natural fibers is highly recommended to help improve elasticity.


Myth 4: Yoga helps shed body weight -

Reply: Yoga may help us lose a few inches due to muscle toning, but not necessarily the


weight. It simply monitors body weight by optimizing various bodily functions.


Myth 5: Yoga is only for slender people -

Reply: A slender body may appear to ease the stretch process, but safe technique and


mindful practice can help even heavy set people stretch deeper into postures.


Myth 6: Yoga is just another less intense form of exercise -

Reply: Yoga includes breath, focus, movement, and relaxation – all of which require


intensity of purpose; low impact tendon stretches can cause an internal sweat.


Myth 7: Yoga chants have religious overtones -

Reply: Although practitioners sometimes choose to take it to spiritual levels, repetitive


chants simply help clear the mind of deep rooted negative debris.


Myth 8: Yoga is an esoteric/ erotic practice -

Reply: Regular yoga stretch discipline may help improve sex life as any physical activity


might; but its primary purpose is preventive healthcare.

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