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Sun Salutation


Introduction to Sun Salutation

Faith is a question of humility and surrender, and is usually based on the belief


that the human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself.  Diet discipline,

effective breathing, and posture practice simply awaken this dormant energy.

Surya Namaskara or sun salutation is a gentle, effective sequence that offers


wholesome conditioning as it charges the body, stills the mind, and nourishes


the spirit - all in one powerful workout.  Ideally practiced after a cold shower.



Regular practice helps eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system by


refreshing nerves and muscles, massaging digestive organs, and stimulating the

endocrine glands.  This practice also enhances memory and increases stamina.



Such a balance of flexions, extensions, and inversions promotes uniform blood


circulation, revitalizes glands and organs, refreshes the brain, and helps re-train


neglected muscle groups and ligaments in the upper and lower extremities. 

Steps 1-12  is half a cycle, and takes 30 seconds.  A full cycle takes one minute. 


Since the sun races through 12 vayu fields (or ether zones), 12 rounds at sunrise 


facing East, and 12 rounds at sunset facing West, help refresh the whole body.

Postures 3, 7 improve bodily carriage/ lung function; postures 1, 6 help release 


hidden stress between shoulder blades; upward rush of blood in postures 2, 8 


refresh brain; posture 4 revives glands/ organs, posture 5 strengthens low back.

This sequence of 8 asanas (postures) + 4 repeats refreshes nadis (nerve endings),


activates chakras (energy centers), revives gland function; engages the bandhas 


(breath locks), builds muscle tone; all to the rhythm of soothing inner chants.

The OM chant is pronounced aum, and combined length is a+u=m.  First sound 


originates from lower abdomen, second emanates from thoracic region, while


final sound reverberates in skull region, thus completing the arc of introspection.


The repetitive nature of such silent chants helps clear the mind of negative debris.

Although yoga has been acknowledged as proven alternative therapy for most


ailments, each one of us must take responsibility for our own healing process.


Surya Namaskara/ Sun Salutation Benefits/ Chants

Consistent yoga discipline helps maintain a healthy heart and supple spine, thereby


preventing the onset of many common ailments.  The sun salutation sequence is a


flowing circuit that highlights posture alignment with basic chants to address yoga


stretch for stress release & relaxation; yoga tone for abs, butt, & thighs, and yoga fit 


for a full cardio workout.  This integrated sequence of 8+4 stretches deepens breath 


to stay calm, firms the muscles to stay fit, and awakens the senses to stay alert. 


Sanskrit names/ English meanings/ and corresponding vibrational chants listed below:

HASTA UTTANA (arms raised)


PADA HASTA (hands to feet) 


ASHWA SANCHALA (equestrian) 


PARSVA KONA NAMASKARA (prayer twist)  


DANDA (plank)  


ASHTANGA NAMASKARA (8-limb salutation)   

BHUJANGA (cobra)  


PARVATA (mountain)    


ASHWA SANCHALA (equestrian) 




PADA HASTA (hands to feet)           


HASTA UTTANA (arms raised)                    

om hram, mitraya namaha


om hrim, ravaya namaha


om hroom, suryaya namaha

om hraim, bhanave namaha   

om hraum, khagaya namaha

om hraha, pushne namaha

om hram, hiranya garbhaya namaha

om hrim, marichya namaha

om hroom, adityaya namaha

om hraim, savitre namaha 


om hraum, orkaya namaha


om hraha, bhaskaraya namaha    

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