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Food Facts

Food Facts


Fruits and vegetables are best assimilated within an empty stomach, when


there is no traffic jam of unhealthy foods blocking the system, and nutrient

value of healthy foods is immediately absorbed into the body system.


Most fruits (including acidic ones) turn alkaline when they enter the body.


Water and fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables enhance digestion, and


facilitate early/ smooth eviction of solid and liquid waste from the body.

Fruit fasts and salad fests insulate the human body from harmful excesses  


that weaken the system (meat, alcohol, tobacco/ spicy, oily, salty. fried


foods/ & toxicants such as tea, coffee, wine/ sugars, carbonated drinks).


Pulps, purees, and smoothies without ice are more healthful than just juices.


Steamed, broiled, baked, and poached foods are also fairly safe.  But foods


that are processed, frozen, refined, or cooked in any way using direct heat 

(fried/ braised/ sauteed/ grilled) typically tend to lower nutritional content.

Foods and vegetables with color and crunch offer highest nutritional value,


and may release different enzymes.  Eating them separately helps prevent

unnecessary strain on the endocrine system, and diminishes any chances 


of an "enzyme cocktail" that may potentially dilute nutritional impact.

In order to optimize their healing properties, nature foods are best taken


within the hour of cutting them open.  Not only do fresh foods look, smell,


taste better, they bring a healthful glow to the face, raise energy levels, 


monitor body weight, and enhance overall function of immune system.

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