Crew, Cast, and Guest Teachers 


9/25: L to R - Lizzette, Tanya, BETTY, Akram, Banu, MELISSA, James, Samara, Antonio

10/05: L to R - Miguel, Banu, Akram, MONA - close-up "family pix"

11/14: L to R - Melissa, Isaiah, Vitor, Miguel, Ginger, Banu, Marta at the Cast & Crew Appreciation Lunch

11/28: L to R - SUSAN, Banu,  Brian, JEFFREY, William, Samara, and Judith



1/16: L to R - Miguel, Cristina, Banu, Lizzette, NATALIE, Antonio, and Susan

2/20: L to R - Mateo (Mati), Antonio, Banu, MEGAN, Lizzette, Jennell

1/23: L to R - Liha, Banu, Miguel, SUSAN M, Antonio, Lizzette, Susan B, Josiane

3/14: L to R - Akram, Lizzette, Banu, DRUE

2/07: L to R - Anthony, CHRIS (Hey Chris, how's the weather down there?), Banu, Akram

3/20: L to R - Lizzette, Alex, Banu, Antonio, JODY

4/17: L to R - Miguel, Banu, PILIN, Akram, Alexis

4/18: L to R - Akram, Banu, MELISSA, Nuriel

5/02: L to R - Banu, Steve, DONNA, Kate, Lizzette, Antonio

5/23: L to R - Antonio,Lizzette, Martina, Susan,GREG, Banu, Brian, Anna, Sue, Alex, SuMac, Nuriel, Miguel, Akram at the pre-summer Appreciation "Linner".

11/09: L to R - GINA, Nuriel, Banu

11/28: L to R - Helen, Nuriel, ELLEN, Banu, Lucas

2/14: L to R - Banu, Akram, LILLY Balch

3/27: L to R - Antonio, Banu, Michael, ANNA, Lizzette

(Nice job, Lizzette:)

5/17: L to R - Nuriel, Banu, GREGORY, Antonio, Lizzette

11/30: L to R - Shelena, Banu, Nuriel, DONNA, Kerin

11/03: L to R - Banu, Nuriel, GINA

11/04: L to R - Lucas, Banu, MELISSA, Nuriel

12/13: L to R - Banu, Nuriel, ANNA

12/26: L to R - Banu, Stephanie, GREG, Antonio, Lizzette


It is with great joy and some sadness that we conclude the group yoga taping component of yogaxpress on public access television in New York.  Future episodes will be dedicated to our vedic cooking series.  Taping on location scheduled for Spring.

01/08: L to R - Lizzette, Banu, Antonio, LIHA, MELISSA

More In-Studio Pictures 

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