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Invitation to Teach/ Stretch with Us on TV


Not everyone can afford time and money to attend classes at registered yoga


schools.  Not all yoga teachers are able to share their spirit in structured school


settings.  In 2010, I had an unique opportunity to host a yoga wellness series on


public access television in the yoga capital of the world - New York City.  Ten


years and 40 seasons later, cast and crew at YOGAXPRESS have taped over 700


episodes, sharing the teaching talent of several skilled wellness practitioners


with millions of viewers worldwide, including Canada, Mexico, France, India.

It is my mission to offer various teaching styles to adults of varying fitness levels


(who may have motivation but not always the resources), to take care of their


bodies before ailment strikes, via guided stretch strategies offered by experts.

On behalf of Manhattan Neighborhood Network, I invite you to take part in my


weekly walk-in yoga wellness program, YOGAXPRESS, on public access television.  


New and experienced Yoga Teachers - practice your teaching skills on public


access tv, find your voice, develop mass following outside your comfort zone.


Explore the limits of personal practice.  Tapings held weekday mornings (to air


Mondays 7.30 - 8 a.m. on tw 56, rcn 83, fios 34, and LifeStyle ch. 2 on  


Our energy may soon be re-directed towards a more healthful gut - via vedic


food preparations.  Which means we may tape less yoga episodes and more


cooking episodes, even as our focus continues to be preventive healthcare.



If you would like to be part of our on-air wellness community, as guest or chef,


email me at, for updates on any future taping times.  



Banu Suresh YTT750


Wellness Coach

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