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Yoga Has Evolved Exponentially

Yoga helps us make the most of what we have, and come to terms with what we don't. Although our body has an innate capacity to heal itself, our mind has greater control over what the body is or is not permitted to do at any given time, place, and age. Since 1975, yoga has evolved exponentially, despite being bastardized by the world. Different "kinds" of yoga emerged, and soon compartmentalization took place. People began to ask each other "What kind of yoga do you practice?" But, regardless of the name given to each “type” of yoga, the kind that limbers the body, de-clutters the mind, aligns our emotions, and enhances our spiritual path, is the one we all wish to pursue. In short, internal stretching (of mind and body) makes us feel good, and offers a natural solution to help bring simplicity and joy in all that we do. Most of us seek, and usually find when we look hard enough, the sweet serenity of self acceptance.

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