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Tributaries of Yoga

Other tributaries of yoga include swara yoga (yoga of the breath), karma yoga (yoga of good deeds), bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion), kundalini yoga (rising energy yoga), dharma yoga (yoga of kindness), kaivalya yoga (yoga of healing), ananda yoga (yoga of joy), gnana yoga (yoga of knowledge), hasya yoga (yoga of laughter), & raja yoga (yoga of mind/ meditation). On the other hand, the spiritual progress attained by each person is directly related to the level of dedication at every stage, because yoga exists at various levels: mantra (repetitive healing chants/ aural - emotional level), yantra (repetitive geometric forms/ visual - mental level), and tantra (repetitive pelvic stimulants/ sensual - physical level). Trataka or candle gazing on the other hand, helps entice overactive minds into the porous fabric of inner silence.

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