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Various Styles of Yoga

Names given to systems, techniques, styles, or variations by contemporary masters include iyengar yoga (initiated by bks iyengar) using props for posture alignment; yin yoga (promoted by paul grilley) is a yoga of stillness; kripalu yoga is meditative and healing; jivamukti yoga (by sharon gannon and david life) includes chanting and meditation; bikram yoga (promoted by bikram chaudhary) is practiced in an enclosed heated room; anusara yoga (introduced by john friend) is a gentle, flowing style of healing yoga; sivananda yoga (named after swami sivananda), includes diet and relaxation; ishta yoga (developed by alan finger) includes tantric chanting and meditation; satyananda yoga (named after swami satyananda) involves selfless service; and svastha (developed by a.g.mohan) aims to improve

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