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Yoga Myths, Facts, and Trends

Some of the foremost myths about yoga appear to be the following:

myth 1: yoga is a cult, with severe rituals -

fact 1: a cult is ritualistic, and has a leader; yoga has no rituals other than discipline, and has no leaders - only masters.

myth 2: yoga is for women only -

fact 2: the best known contemporary masters of yoga are men - bks iyengar, pattabhi jois, tt krishnamachari, and tkv desikacharya are just the tip of that iceberg.

myth 3: yoga means giving up eating meat -

fact 3: although meat fibers improve muscle strength, a vegetarian diet has natural fibers that improve elasticity.

myth 4: yoga helps us lose body weight -

fact 4: yoga may help lose inches due to muscle toning, but it also primarily monitors body weight by optimizing bodily functions.

myth 5: yoga should be practiced only by slender people -

fact 5: although being slender and/ or naturally flexible help the stretch process, technique and flexibility of mind help even heavy set people stretch as deeply as anyone else.

myth 6: yoga is just a less intense form of exercise -

fact 6: yoga includes breath, focus, relaxation - all of which require intensity of purpose; in fact, low impact tendon stretches in yoga can actually cause an internal sweat.

myth 7: yoga chants have religious overtones -

fact 7: although some practitioners may occasionally choose to take this to a spiritual level, the internal echo in repetitive sounds simply help clear the mind of negative debris.

myth 8: yoga is an esoteric/ erotic practice -

fact 8: because yoga is inclusive rather than exclusive, it may help improve sex life just as any other physical activity might; but the primary purpose of yoga practice is preventive healthcare.

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