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Preparation for Tendon Stretching

Some basic stretches that help loosen the body in preparation for yoga practice are:

Neck roll - move neck from side to side in gentle semi-circular motion

Shoulder roll - rotate shoulders back and forth, connect elbows from behind

Knee roll - feet together, gently bend knees and rotate left and right

Wrist roll - flex wrists up, down, sideways; stretch, fold fingers into fist, release

Thigh flex - cross left thigh over right, turn upper body to left; reverse sides

Ankle flex - move ankles up, down, sideways; stand on toes, then on heels

Side stretch - heels together, toes apart, arms overhead; sway torso sideways

Back stretch - hands on buttocks, knees together, inhale deep and lean head way back

Forward stretch - hands on hips, knees slightly apart, exhale fully, fold from hip

Body balance - twine fingers, turn palms out, raise arms high, stand on tiptoe

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