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Sun Salutation and Ailment Prevention


# 49 - Sun Salutation and Ailment Prevention

When perceived with common sense, each one of the eight postures in the sun salutation sequence helps prevent one or more of the eight common ailments by targeting a different part of the human body. For instance, the first posture (prayer position or namaskara) helps still the mind by holding the body upright and keeping the mind calm, thereby alleviating hypertension; posture number two (hands raised or hasta uttana) expands the chest muscles/ pectorals to help delay asthma symptoms by improving lung function; posture number three (pada hasta or hands-to-feet) helps alleviate constipation by massaging the lower abdomen; posture number four (ashwa sanchala or equestrian) involves bending and unbending of the knees, thereby helping prevent arthritis; anal sphincters are controlled in posture number five (danda or staff) to help prevent piles or hemorrhoids; posture number six (ashtanga namaskar or eight limbed salutation) helps optimize pancreatic function in the upper abdominal region, thereby delaying the onset of diabetes; strengthening of lower back muscles in posture seven (bhujanga or cobra) prevent lumbago; and posture number eight (parvata or mountain) helps stretch hamstring muscles, making them supple enough to alleviate sciatic pain.

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