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Adrenalin vs Endorphins

Adrenalin and endorphins may be considered the masculine and feminine hormones - the yin and yang of feel-good juices. The first provides an instant rush and as steep a fall; the second is more of a slow release of energy that lasts much longer. During our youthful years, we typically tend to seek out activities that offer a temporary high. Youth gives us the physical strength to tolerate the extreme lows that follow immediately after such intense highs.

As we age, we long for consistency in the way we feel about ourselves, and seek out those activities that help us stay in this safety zone for longer periods of time. This is why many of us seek the blissful state that yoga seems to offer us in our later years (blessed are those who have discovered this path at a younger age). With its value added breath, postures, and meditation techniques, the age old practice of yoga brings us to a state of mind that seeks no return.

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