Yoga Stretches for Gym Moves

Compacting of major muscles at the gym are typically followed by simple counter stretches, so that the body experiences a sense of balance at the end of a workout. There are simple stretches for various gym moves - ab crunch vs hasta uttana (standing)/ bhujanga (prone); leg curl (double) vs pada hasta/ paschimothana/ bala gopala; dumb bells vs trikona; low back extension vs kati chakra (standing)/ hala (supine); leg curl (single) vs uthita pada (standing)/ janu sirsa (seated); abductor crunch vs garuda; latt pull (upper body) vs parsva kona namaskara; leg extension (double) vs supta vajra; tricep press down vs gomukha; leg extension (double) vs kapota; wide squat vs baddha kona; chest press vs matsya; dead lift vs supta parivritta.

Note - Professional guidance is recommended for beginners.  Contents on site are copyright protected since 2004.

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