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Guest Experts

Our Guest Experts Include -

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, Spiritual Counselor

Hari Nam Singh Khalsa studied Kundalini Yoga for nearly 30 years with Master Yogi Bhajan.  As a renowned spiritual teacher,  he has given workshops and counseling sessions worldwide, including Europe, South America and China. He has been interviewed extensively on television, radio, and in the press.  Hari Nam has taught and counseled thousands of individuals and couples in all walks of life.  Founder and Director of Yoga Heaven (venue for teaching) and Center for Existential and Spiritual Counseling (venue for counseling), he is also a certified professional teacher-trainer through the Kundalini Research Institute.  

Susan Rasmussen-Rogot, Fitness Instructor

Passionate about fitness, Susan Rasmussen-Rogot is an accomplished Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in her field.  Her exercise video series received Platinum awards.  She started a chain of boutique exercise studios, and has always been a fitness forerunner, creating new & exciting ways to motivate her students.  Susan has been personal training for 20 years and has retained many celebrity clients.  Her specialty copy written classes include Absolute Fitness - an interval training class; Pilates Fusion - a core conscious blend of pilates, yoga, and sculpt; Hip Hop Lite - a hip hop dance class taught by progression; and Amplitude - a hybrid class combining ballet technique, strength training, and stretching.

Veronica Winsch, Family Wellness Practitioner

Certified by the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners), Veronica Winsch is a Health Coach & Family Wellness Practitioner.  She empowers adults as well as children to make best choices for supporting health, immunity, and self-expression.  Veronica founded Holistic Living Now to help expedite positive transformations in the everyday lives of many individuals.  She highly regards the ayurveda wellness model, pairing powerful botanicals and fruits with a healthy lifestyle, to bring the body back to its natural state of balance.

Ambyr D’Amato, Yoga Trainer

Ambyr D'Amato loves to laugh, teach, sing and learn.  An E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance, and co-director of The Yoga Sequence, she leads 200-hour yoga teacher trainings.  She also teaches workshops in Anatomy for Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and The Art of Adjusting, all over the world.  Ambyr was also featured in Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and on  She believes that through our practice, we learn to focus on “creating a life you love”.  In addition to teaching, Ambyr enjoys performing around New York City.  To hear her music, view her performances or her yoga class schedule, visit  Ambyr’s website.

Jill Camera, Yoga Trainer

Jill Camera began teaching yoga in 2001, and is 500-hour E-RYT.  She is trained in vinyasa, alignment, and classical philosophical methods of the Krishnamachari lineage.  From basic alignment to rhythmic vinyasa (and everything in between), intelligent physical practice and breath awareness are used to cultivate peace of mind.  In 2004, she co-authored Yoga Fan. Jill is guest teacher in numerous teacher training programs in New York city and in New Jersey.  She also teaches weekly classes and private yoga lessons in Manhattan, and is former Director of Vinyasa at Yoga Sutra NYC.

Pilice Anice, Holistic-Health Coach

Pilin Anice, graduate of Howard University and Institute of Integrative Nutrition, is dedicated to empowering and educating others to live healthier lifestyles.  As certified holistic health coach, she has studied many major dietary theories, and understands that no universal diet works for everyone.  Specializes in eating disorder therapy, sugar addiction recovery, and plant based diet transitions. Pilin earned her 200 Hour RYT from Reflections Yoga in Guatemala. She also offers Thai Massage Therapy, teaches vegetarian/ vegan cooking, and is a health & nutrition contributor to The Cotillion Online.

Sophie Herbert, Yoga Teacher

Sophie Herbert studied various forms of yoga and meditation for over a decade (including vinyasa, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Kundalini), extensively in India, New York, France, Kazakhstan.  Has shared her knowledge of the practice for over 5 years, and holds a teacher's certification and degree in advanced yogic studies from Yoga Vidya Dham, India (500 hour equivalent).  Sophie teaches unique alignment-focused classes, ranging from basic yet challenging hatha, to consciously flowing & classically sequenced vinyasa.  You can find her at Park Slope Yoga Center in Brooklyn and Sangha House in Manhattan.  Contributing editor to Whole Living Magazine, she also writes a twice-weekly blog “Yoga On and Off the Mat”

Radan Sturm, Personal Trainer

Radan Sturm has 15 years gym management/ personal training experience, as owner as well as director of training & development at Complete Body and Spa* ( - a boutique health club chain with various locations in Manhattan. During this period, Radan has developed unique fitness programs for personal trainers and clients in Europe, Australia, and recently in the U.S.  (*Complete Body and Spa is an international wellness company - operating/ managing facilities world wide, fusing best components of Eastern and Western ideas on health and wellness to create effective combinations for all).

Dr.Mike D’Auria, Chiropractor

Dr. Mike D'Auria currently runs a chiropractic office in Queens, NY.  Originally from Connecticut, he moved to NYC in 2010 to pursue his acting career and for a change of scene.  He has practiced martial arts and various forms of fitness for decades, and believes that yoga is an invaluable asset to his professional training as well as patient care. When not working,  Dr. D’Auria is usually acting in film or theater projects, and likes performing improv comedy.  Enjoys hiking, fishing, playing pool, and socializing.   

Mona Chopra, Acupuncturist / Hypnotist

Mona Chopra, a New York state licensed and nationally board certified (NCCAOM) acupuncturist.  She is also a therapeutic yoga instructor, a certified hypnotist, a childbirth doula, and a meditation practitioner.  She treats people of all ages and all walks of life.  Mona has particular interest in women's health, chronic and acute pain, allergies, auto-immune conditions, emotional & mental health, and addressing deep underlying causes of imbalances in the body-mind-spirit system as a whole.  More information about Mona Chopra and her professional practice can be found on her website.

Talmie L de Shimadai, Iridologist

A lifetime of ill health along with an extreme form of chronic fatigue syndrome (along with severe iron deficiency anemia), helped Talmie discover the holistic world after detoxing with a holistic care practitioner in Florida. This prompted her return to school in 1993 and dedicating herself to a life-long study of modalities such as Massage Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy at Seminars Network Institute in Florida, iridology and herbology with Micki D. Jones, and live food nutrition while working at Hippocrates Health Institute.  Talmie's work helps people from all over the world to energize their lives, and enjoy a state of vibrant well-being as they peel off layers of toxins to blossom into youthful, healthy, and confident individuals, full of vigor and energy. 

Romona Mukherjee, LMHC Psycho-Therapist

Romona Mukherjee is a mindfulness based psychotherapist licensed in the state of New York.  She completed her graduate degree at Teachers College Columbia University, and is a certified hypnotherapist and yoga instructor.  Her approach as a therapist blends the philosophies of yoga and meditation along with the tools of mindfulness and hypnosis to assist individuals in finding freedom from symptoms of anxiety, grief, depression, and trauma.

Olga Horvat, Color Therapist

Olga Horvat is Founder of Royal Dogs Gallery, a company that provides holistic products & services for people and animals.  Ms. Horvat is a certified Color Therapist. She was awarded Color Elite Certification from National Association of Holistic Wellness in New York; and Diploma in Colour & Natural Healing for Animals from Iris International School in Colour Therapy in the United Kingdom. Ms. Horvat is author of Paranormal Pooch: A True Story of the Dog Who Healed One Family. She has been featured on CNN - Anderson Cooper 360; Cognac's Corner TV Show; New York Live, NBC; and dozens of radio shows throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia.

Yael Read, Spiritual Healer

"Yael Read manifests inner power and outer beauty.  She shares some profound perspectives to bring centered-ness, and empower others to stimulate their thought process.  Also known as OMNIReady, Yael is author, creator, and host of a weekly program "manifest4tv", supported by her website  As a Guide, Yael's message is "to experience Life by emulating and reflecting on each other's thoughts and actions".  She radiates "Being-ness" on everyone she encounters, and helps them transcend their thoughts into a profound inner space, thereby empowering others to experience a life of ease, well-being, and abundance, as they follow their dream.  

Deanna McLaughlin, Yoga Teacher

Deanna McLaughlin has studied philosophy of Tao Yin Yoga since 1987 and has been teaching since 1996.  Offers group and private classes, retreats, workshops on site at various corporations/ conventions.  Since 2000, Deanna has worked with the Living Through Cancer Foundation, providing yoga workshops for those persons undergoing chemotherapy in area hospitals in Philadelphia and its surrounding regions.  Deanna’s goal is to be 104, and still be teaching yoga.   

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